Why Basecamp?

We are super fans of Basecamp.com (Online Project Management) – everything we do is tracked there – from microsites to consulting to remodels to our own office tasks – we use Basecamp to keep us all in the loop during a project.

And later, we can search through the archives to revive our memory on past tasks, instructions or files we might need.  It is like Professor Henry Jones’ diary in the Indiana Jones movie, “I wrote them down…so I wouldn’t have to remember!

Basecamp is headquartered here in Chicago, but their team works all over the world – they use their own product!  Learn more about the awesome Basecamp crew.

What does Basecamp do for us?

  • Task lists
  • Calendar and team schedules
  • Track progress
  • Share files (and use them as a resource later)
  • Set deadlines and milestones
  • Time stamp everything
  • Email and discussions
  • Available to the entire team 24/7
  • Searchable

If you are in need of an online project management tool for your organization or office, we highly recommend Basecamp.com

If you are ready to get working on your website project, give us a call to get started!