Violet Wylde Exhibit at the Kenilworth Historical Society

After showing interest in photography at a young age, DavidB was encouraged by his parents and other photographers to carry a camera with him at all times. DavidB was to meet one of his big inspirations while volunteering at a rummage sale – the free spirited Violet Wylde – niece of George Maher (a colleague of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and designer of DavidB’s childhood home). At the time he met the no nonsense Wyld, she was nearly 80 years old, and a year away from the end of her fascinating life.

Violet lived up to her name by allowing the garden of wild flowers to grow to the 2nd floor of her Frank Lloyd Wright home. This sort of free spirit in the very conservative and controlled society of the North Shore of Chicago was an inspiration to the young DavidB. Violet could be seen riding her old fashioned bicycle, with flowers in the front, through the neighborhood. Once DavidB learned that she was not only connected to the brilliant Frank Lloyd Wright, but also a well known photographer in the community, the impact of working with her at that rummage sale was that more poignant to the young artist and photographer.

DavidB was able to show his appreciation for the meeting by designing the panels for an exhibit celebrating the life of this extraordinary woman. The Who was Violet Wylde exhibit is currently on display at the Kenilworth Historical Society.

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