With the recent Cloudbleed bug (read more at CNET) and a new project we just inherited (a hacked WP site), we feel it is a good day to remind everyone to UPDATE YOUR PASSWORDS!  And while you are at it, update them to more secure passwords than “admin”, “password”, “12345”, “myadmin”, “logmein” etc.

Keep in mind while you are creating new passwords:

  • Password Length
  • Include Letters
  • Include Mixed Case
  • Include Numbers
  • Include Punctuation
  • No Similar characters

If you need help creating a quick password, visit Norton’s Identity Safe page

If you are at a loss for managing passwords (I admit there are A LOT of them in our lives), try a password manager like LastPass, DashLane, KeePass, 1Password etc.  Some of these are free and some require an annual fee.  Try them out, see what might work for you – each one has pros\cons.  And remember, there is always the old school way of writing them down – try using an address book to keep things organized.

Now excuse me while I follow my own advice and update my passwords 🙂


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IMG: thanks to CNET