Tuned In (JCFS event)

Design for an event is often driven by location, location location.  JCFS’s TunedIn event was held at a Harley Davidson store.  Instantly this brings up images of chrome, leather, the open road orange and ,of course, motorcycles.  Elements of chrome and tire treads also made for added texture to this print design.  As with many of the designs for JCFS, all elements of the design for the event needed to be created.  In this case, that included not only an invitation card and mailing, but a reply card + envelope for ticket and program book advertising, and a custom note paper for that personalized touch of a hand written note in every mailing.

Planning ahead with the printer is key in designing a complex invitation.  Paper types, standard ink colours, special gloss to highlight certain areas of the design.  Often with design there is also the added element of budget restrictions.  In this case, the entire mailing had to weigh under 1oz, to keep the standard 1st class stamp cost for every invite.  With so much paper, this can get down to precise numbers and coordination with the printer – constantly weighing paper stocks + sizes.

Word back from the event is that it was a BIG success!

If you have an event that needs print design, give us a call to see what DavidB can do for you!