trillium productions: v2.0 remodel

You all have made it easier for a non-tech like me to navigate the pitfalls of the net.

wstrillfilmTrillium Productions goal is to make the most beautiful and evocative media in the business. They have more than twenty years of experience in the design and production of films and videotapes. As proof that they deliver as promised, over 80% of their work is repeat business.

Your Plan B Company has been working with Trillium for a couple of years now and when their wishlist included a browser-based admin solution for the new version of the website – we granted it. Using the great open source option of Joomla, we were able to redesign and offer an easy way for them to keep their site (and their clients) updated. Joomla allows embeded videos which in turn allows this site to be a great record of Trillium Production’s work and an ongoing portfolio for potential clients to view.