to the surface

Meredyth Wilson needed a place online to reach a wider audience to share the stories of people who tested HIV positive in their teens and twenties that she met while working as an intern at BAY Positives in San Francisco.

wssurface“This group is by no means a statistically accurate representation of people touched by this virus. They are a good reflection only of the member base of BAY Positives in 1995, not of current trends in infection and certainly not of the global pandemic. I hope, however, that these stories transcend the lines of identity and serve as a valuable resource for all young people.

Positive youth face unique challenges in constructing worlds for themselves that are safe and authentic. At a time when many young people are exploring the world and beginning to solidify their identity, these folks stood face to face, simply, with the possibility of their own deaths. The nine people who committed to this project, all under thirty when we first met, have generously shared their fears, challenges, and triumphs.” – Meredyth Wilson