TLAPD coming up – Saturday, September 19

Ahoy mateys!

One of our favorite days is coming up this Saturday – International Talk Like a Pirate Day! (TLAPD for those in the know).  Check out Talk Like A Pirate Day to learn more about how this day arrived on our calendars.

You know we have loved pirates for quite some time.  In fact we were on the Red Carpet in 2006 for Pirates of the Caribbean (photos) and you can find us in the DVD extras, too!  We were part of the team that put together the first Pirate Fan website (and grabbed a Webby nod too!).

So celebrate with us – share your best pirate pun or joke, wear your skurvy skulls and striped socks or sing a sea shanty (just keep it all PG13 for the kidlets following us).  Prepare now or walk the plank 🙂