Tips for using Skype:

It’s not a conversation until both sides are engaged.

The best way to start a Skype conversation is to message something like “are you free?”  If you get a response then we’re all set.  In a perfect world a Skype session would only be scheduled ahead of time.

Here are some tips for a smooth Skype conversation:

– test your set up before the call

– ask first before you just call (send a note)

– don’t assume confidentiality

– check what is showing BEHIND you on the camera

– adjust the camera so we aren’t looking UP your nose or DOWN your blouse

– remember there is a delay

– try to keep eye contact (versus watching yourself on camera)

– be aware of your body language

– watch the volume

– and don’t over multitask during the call (keystrokes make noise)

– remember to smile 🙂

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