Time-lapse video on iPhone

Inspiration can strike anywhere, even on the road.

While staying at the Congress Plaza Hotel for a conference, we had a terrific view of Lake Michigan. On the second morning, the sun broke through the clouds, creating beautiful shafts of sunlight over the Adler Planetarium.

I didn’t bring my laptop with me on this trip, but like millions of people around the world today, I did have my iPhone.

Positioned on the windowsill of our 8th floor room, I started the shot. With Apple’s constant upgrades to their iOS, I was able to easily utilize a previously difficult setup – the time-lapse video.

For me, photos are rarely perfect “right out of the can.” I always have to “plus it”. I felt the beauty of the clouds moving across the sky needed some sort music. Using Novation’s LaunchPad app, I created some sweeping music to be used as a soundtrack for the video.

The multi-processors available in today’s cell phones have opened the door for serious video editing solutions, as well as audio and photos. While I am usually an Adobe only user, I was curious to try the power of two new powerful programs by Lightricks: PHOTOFOX for advanced photo editing and VIDEOLEAP for video editing and compositing.  Videoleap  is a full Non Linear video editor, complete with layers, blending modes, tweeting effects using key-framing, and the ability to add images, text and audio files.

Just to stay in the “Apple ecosystem” I created the Feature image, wrote and posted this WordPress entry entirely on my mobile device.  Proof that the tools and power to create rich content online are available in your pocket!

If you have the idea, you can create it, more than ever before!