The wonder of the Internet, being able to work from anywhere with a connection

Thanks to the Internet we do not have to keep office hours like days in the past – instead we are available online (Skype, Google Chat, Email), by phone and in person.  Have laptop, will travel.


Working off-site tips:

– bring headphones

– bring your own extension cord

– schedule some time to be “unavailable” so you can focus without interruption

– be courteous to those around you

– if you are on site with a client and need to handle another client request, ask to work in an available meeting room (NOT in the client’s cubicle!)

– be safe!  watch your belongings

– remember to set boundaries between your work and personal life (to avoid burn-out)

So if you swing by our office to find we aren’t there, rest assured it isn’t that we took a day off.  Instead, we are working somewhere else – maybe with a client, with a team of freelancers, at a cafe enjoying some sunshine – but know you can always reach us.

If you need our Skype, Google Chat or Mobile contact information, please ask.  You can always call our office at 773-665-2552 and leave a message.  We will get right back to you!


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