Tech Report – Adobe updates

Just when you thought Adobe couldn’t really add anything better, they just updated ALL of their CC applications to run faster and smoother!

There are tons of new features but we’re most excited about these…

Photoshop and Illustrator now both have a curvature pen tool so you don’t have to mess with bezier curves for adjustments.

Illustrator finally has Puppet warp pins and handles to move your image around more naturally.  The appearance panel and Properties Panel now work together to control almost anything you need – depending on the selected tool. 

Premiere just added team collaboration and the amazing ability to have multiple projects open at the same time so you can pull elements, or entire sequences from various projects instead of working on one very large, very heavy, project file.  Color coding with Labels (one of our favorite tools) has been greatly improved and can be applied dynamically based on file type.

Character Animator allows face mirroring (using your camera) and triggers using face recognition Midi signals now, so we see playing with a character based on musical notes (or maybe triggered by a DIY Midi controller like the MakeyMakey)

Dimension appears to be a lot easier to add images to 3D to use in a scene.

InDesign allows the addition of End Notes to display at the end of a text box.  Dynamic linking to PDFs or website is supported when saving to PDF.

What an amazing week for creative professionals and Adobe lovers everywhere!