Spring Clean Your Website

Is it time to update your site? When was the last time you updated your social media profiles? Ready for a new content? New headshot?

Some tips to spring clean your website

  1. SEO For example, when was the last time you actually did some searches for your key terms? Do you see what you expect? If not, time to dig in and update.
  2. Click through your site as if you were a new visitor. Can you find the answers to who, what, where and how to contact? No? Refresh your content.
  3. Search your site… for typos and correct them! Look for “teh” to get started.
  4. Look at your headshots – more than likely it is time for something new.
  5. Look through your Google Analytics – what are the popular pages? Are they current?
  6. How about the 404 errors? Fix those dead links.
  7. Contact details – are they current?
  8. Dates – check that the dates and timelines on your website are current. If you say your company was founded in 1980, then go on to state that you are 25 years old (even though it’s 2012), readers will know that your website is a little stale…
  9. Take a look at your competition. How do you compare? Is it time to remodel?
  10. Add social media links – let users know where to follow you.

And some social media maintenance tips!

  • Clean up your privacy settings
  • Update your passwords
  • Sort out your comments (remove any that look spammy)
  • Refresh your friends list (follow and un-follow)
  • Add a new profile photo
  • Review employee permissions
  • Check out which apps have permission to access your accounts
  • Update your photos, brand assets, logos and links
  • Edit your profile descriptions
  • Update milestones

Oh and while you are at it – remember to back-up your computer and email!