runandgun movin’ pictures: duelin firemen – video production

I have known JameyB since her arrival in Chicago, when she became the first intern at RUNANDGUN! As anyone who knows this company would attest, we only hire highly talented and committed people to work with us. JameyB’s internship evolved into a full time paid position, until her skills outgrew the job required. She is a self starter, a go-getter, and exceeds in comprehending what it means to take a job well done from concept through completion without any headaches or complaints! She continues to freelance for us from time to time.

That DavidB, he knows alot about Macs. And the Internet. And printing. DavidB interned for RUNANDGUN! upon his debut into the world of Corporate & Independent Film Production and New Media, then boldly transcended into the realms of a paid freelancer. We continue to look to DavidB as the problem solver and technician in those arenas that few dare to enter.

The bottom line is that you can trust these people with getting the job done well and on time! And they are nice, happy people to work with!

Here are some of this dynamic duo’s star-studded contributions to making this a better world while sometimes paying the bills:

JameyB & DavidB-Intern shmintern, paid the dues, worked on confidential projects, Top Secret in nature.
JameyB & DavidB-Duelin’ Firemen! (DavidB-wardrobe, talent; JameyB-asst. production manager)
JameyB & DavidB – Commercials (Nickelodeon’s Nick Universe, Robert Morris College, AmeriCorps, Zionk, Kids Cafe, Victor Maxx)
JameyB- Mutato Muzika Web Site- html, design & layout
DavidB- Mutato Muzika Web Site- preliminary design and navigation.
DavidB-Scanning artwork for Oldsmobile Interactive Multimedia software application in conjunction with Leo Burnett.
DavidB- Weddin’ invitations & Stationary design
DavidB- Photo Stills for most sets
DavidB- consultant for various print material solutions; color brochures, business cards.

I’m certain there’s more, so respond soon and you get yer pretty page of high compliments by Runandgun’s Sandra Desmond

duelingWith a solid background in media production, we understand exactly how multimedia can continue to grow and shape companies. Before merging as Your Plan B Company, JameyB and DavidB worked on film and video crews for Runandgun Pictures, burning the midnight oil producing films, music videos, and corporate projects. DavidB also assisted with the graphic design of Duelin’ Firemen used in marketing and trade shows.

This production also landed us in the IMDB…
as Dave Birdwell

as Jamey Brumfield


If you’re prepared for the wacky (and now inappropriate) antics of the Runandgun Crew, watch their trailer from 1995 on YouTube.