Remember to refresh your content!

January is a great month to get a head start on refreshing your site before other projects jump ahead on your priority list.

When was the last time you?

  • updated your portfolio
  • updated your bio
  • added a current headshot
  • changed your seasonal greeting (is it still from this past summer?)
  • refreshed your content overall
  • added new photos
  • updated your meta data based on your google analytics
  • connected your social networks
  • created some new social networks (like Pinterest or Google+)
  • finished those LinkedIn testimonials
  • changed the Flash to HTML5 so an iPad can view it
  • updated your contact information is current
  • redesigned your business cards
  • brainstormed your online marketing missions for this year
  • discussed Drupal 7 upgrades
  • maybe something completely new for 2015???

If you need anything updated on your site – NOW is a GREAT time to coordinate with us!  Call 773-665-2552 for an appointment.