Putting together your social network schedule!

We get asked for help with social media content regularly. And this is how we get started…

Calendars are a good thing – really! In this day of immediate response and up-to-the-minute tweets, regularly scheduled posts can help keep a healthy pace of content ready so that you can react quickly when hot topics pop up.

Here’s a few tips to creating scheduled content:

1. Grab a calendar, highlight the holidays your group wants to celebrate.
Create the entire years worth of Happy Holiday announcements!

2. Next up – grab your group or corporate calendar and write all the announcements about events, anniversaries, special hours etc. Work ahead by 6 months.

3. Now pick a day of the week to publish important information about your group, about your industry etc. Create a publishing schedule for these (remember to have them proofread before you post!)

With these 3 tips you should have a good amount of content ready for your social networking needs. Now you can read, monitor and react when hot topics appear without falling behind in your regularly scheduled posts.

Great tools are available for composing, scheduling and delivering your posts.
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