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More often than not at the office, the topic of photography and animation comes up in conversation.   While discussing the capabilities of the GoPro action camera to take photographs, video, high-speed video, and time-lapse animation, the question of stop motion came up.  We wondered, how could we mix all the different animation techniques into one project.  How could we take photos, over time, making a time-lapse project into a stop-motion movie?  How could a single video move the viewer through not only space, but time as well.

The answer developed after some test videos in the form of what we have named titled “Progressive Time-lapse.”

While this is still a work in progress, this video is a proof of concept that shows the technique in practice.  A photo is taken from the same position, every few days, for a period of time.  Nothing new there, with the popularity of time-lapse selfies online.  The twist is, that the camera was in a moving car, thus each shot, though from the same vantage point, is in a different location, at a different time.  The idea is that the viewer gets the sensation of driving in a car that is not only driving down Chicago streets, but also through the changing seasons.

This video was shot over a year, from the same car dashboard, each time snapping a frame when the car was approximately 1 block further down the street.  The total distance traveled is over 11 miles, traveling south to our Chicago office.

Imagine taking a photo every few feet, every day, traveling somewhere a little more exotic than just city streets.  Imaging driving through seasons while driving through mountain ranges, a desert, cities, etc – encountering snow, blistering heat, torrential downpours.  It could be an amazing project, with the right amount of time and resources.

Being creative isn’t just for our website projects!  We like to bring creativity into as much as possible in our day to day life.  As we document what we do, we will share it with you online at