Our Approach to working with you

We understand that you will rate vendors based on the methodology, partnering, timing and project team. Your Plan B Company has a time-tested methodology for creating everything from brand identity to websites, has a large network of talent, and prides itself in meeting deadlines and working together as a team.

Our experience has given us a reliable methodology for developing websites and design projects. The “B” plan outlines the five key steps of every project and the milestones contained in each: Brainstorm, Blueprint, Build it, Blast off and Boost. This approach sets parameters for identifying individual needs and allows us to consistently deliver custom solutions on time and on budget.

We take steps to research what is best for the goals of the project, instead of forcing our ideas onto the client like many other companies do.

First, we meet with the project team and discuss what you want. Second, we research what is currently out there, and see which organizations are successful and which are not. By doing this we can begin to understand your team’s needs and your users’ wishes. Third, we begin building out a series of look-and-feels to review as a team.

Generally, we build out 3-5 potential approaches and narrow it down to the final version through a series of discussions and revisions. We post all progress, notes etc. about the project online in a password protected project site (Basecamp.com) so that it is always available. The look and feel should be the base structure to communicate what is within the organization, as well as draw users to the site.

The internet is very dynamic – always changing and improving. We want to make sure that we don’t design something today that would be out of date by the time this project is to go live. We would rather take the time required to make sure that the structure can support the content.

Give us a call 773-665-2552 if you would like to discuss working together on your next web project!