O*NET – Occupational Information Network

JameyB was referred to to O*NET by Certified Internet Web Professionals (CIW) as a potential expert in the field of Web Developers, an occupation that they are currently updating for the O*NET database.  It was her pleasure to work with this group to help define web design and web development requirements for professionals with the Research Triangle Institute and the United States Department of Labor’s O*NET database, the nation’s primary source of occupational information.

The O*NET System:

  • Promotes business efficiency and talent development
  • Supports education of the workforce through skills training and curriculum design for regional economic development
  • Facilitates career guidance and career advancement accounts

The O*NET system, using a common language and terminology to describe occupational requirements, supersedes the seventy-year-old Dictionary of Occupational Titles with current information that can be accessed online or through a variety of public and private sector career and labor market information systems. The O*NET system, which has been significantly upgraded and improved since its introduction and continues to undergo periodic enhancements, includes the O*NET database, O*NET OnLine, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools.

JameyB has been lucky to be able to work as both a web designer and developer since 1994.  This was a great opportunity to help ensure the web as a place of creativity and skilled  talent moving forward.  By describing the variety of skills and knowledge required, how work is performed, and typical work settings of a web designer and a web developer, she hopes her experience helps others into this line of work.  Thank you again for this opportunity!