New Year, New Trends: part two

Continuing the conversation of what 2014 web design trends are popping up!

6. Images
With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest you need to think of ways to incorporate images into your online marketing strategy that compliment your written content. While text is not dead, images can be worth more!

Side note: Manipulated images will push this trend further. Vintage-style (think Instagram), color overlays, blurred images will add individuality to your photos and help them stand out from the standard stock photo look.

7. Videos
Yet another social network newbie, Vine, will push online videos (Youtube and Vimeo are still growing too!) as the communication channel of choice. Brands using the media to engage with users rather than text will be more and more common with the attitude of “why read about it when you can just watch it?”. Remember good lighting, good scripts and keep it short!

8. Blogging (on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or Pinterest)
Creating great content on a regular basis and driving traffic back to your site is going to remain the BEST way to generate new visitors. Large to small companies need to create a social networking plan and stick to it!

9. Infographics
Still a great way to get information delivered in an easy to share way! With the rise of the share button (Facebook and Pinterest for example) the quickest way to get the word out is to make it easy for your audience to click one button. For an example check out this 2014 Trend Predictions for the mobile web:

10. Creative Collaboration
Collaboration trumps competition because two (or three or four) heads really are better than one! Watch as creatives employ teams to tackle design and programming tasks for clients, rather than leave it all up to one person. Large companies and small independents can work together to make the web efficient, elegant and energized!

What trends do you see coming in 2014? What are your favorites? What do wish would end?

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