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Midwestern Imperative: Smart and Efficient Energy Usage

Midwestern businesses, consumers and governments are spending tens of billions of dollars each year on energy imported from other states and countries. As our supplies deplete, prices continue to rise. To make an impact, we must extend our dwindling carbon-based energy resources such as oil, coal and natural gas by adopting more efficient technologies. The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is the leading source and champion for advancing sound energy efficiency policies, programs and priorities to stretch these essential resources. MEEA balances the interests of our diverse members, creating a common ground to affect positive change. Through MEEA, utilities, local and state governments, non-profits, manufacturers, retailers, consultants and others all work together toward a shared vision for energy efficiency in the Midwest.

We helped the team at MEEA create a new look and a new CMS using Drupal. Now everything can be easily updated by different team members, the board has their own password area and soon members will too!

Check it out! We love it, hope you do too!