We first met Marcy in 2011 while she was working for a non-profit group that we also worked with.  After many weekly meetings and deadlines over the years, she she started sharing her personal writing.  The subject of how she should share her personal work came up over and over — Word Press was the perfect fit!

So one Saturday afternoon we brainstormed, made lists and created the visual support for her writing.  The wonderful thing about Word Press is that you can customize the look, the structure… just about anything to fit your content and your message. AND it is an easy way for non-web-design types to be able to keep a website current without having to open Dreamweaver, FTP or Photoshop!

Enjoy Marcy’s writing, as she says “I think that everything that can be observed and said about the world has already been written,  a trillion times over– but not in my voice.  And so I write.”

Keep writing Marcy!

And keep writing all of you writers out there 🙂