Ladies of the Lake Invitation

“Everyone was delighted to receive their invitation to our “Ladies of the Lakes” luncheon. A postcard was designed by “Your Plan B”. Creative, beautiful, well laid out and representing, the northwoods, where we all live. Thanks so much! — Barb A. (committee member)”


Hot chocolate on a winter night. A warm, cozy fire in a log cabin. The smell of pine needles.

The upper peninsula of Michigan is a beautiful place. In the summer, the lake shimmers like an infinite number of diamonds in the sunlight. But in the winter, the snow blankets the lake, trees and log cabins creating a magic landscape from some dream of holidays past.

To create a print invitation to a Christmas Party in this setting, this rustic outdoors feeling must be conveyed in all aspects. Each table at the party had a custom made centerpiece – the small tree and red tin sitting on a slice of wood from a fallen tree in the forest just outside our client’s log cabin home. The walls of the cabin are all wood, making for a beautiful background for the photo.

The distressed typeface, looking like burned wood, contrasted with the swish of the lake-blue type creates a rustic yet dynamic feel. The back of the card reminds the guests of the shimmering beauty of the summer lake. When creating such a rustic, north woods feel, we felt it necessary to print not on glossy, but on recycled textured paper.

To complete the feel, the envelope paper was purposely chosen. A recycled, brown paper bag tan paper fit the bill. From the moment you touch the envelope to open it, the guest would have a sense of nature, outdoors, and trees.

The event was a success! Well done everyone! Looking forward to next year.