Welcome to the Illinois Early Childhood Higher Education Resources Online website (HERO), a project of the Illinois Resource Center: Early Childhood with funding from the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge. Funding for HERO was provided in response to requests from higher education faculty of two and four year Early Childhood teacher preparation programs for a site where they could connect with and learn from their peers around the state. Surveys and focus groups with faculty indicated the need for a website to post and find the latest research and best practices and discuss innovative ideas. Specific content areas were recommended to help support pre-service students, including linguistic and cultural diversity, early math, child assessment and more.

HERO is here for you, with member submitted resources and discussions meant to support you in your work preparing early childhood educators!

Working with the committee to bring this idea to life has been rewarding – from learning about state requirements to finding great resources – this project has been great!  We look forward to growing the site over the next year based on member activity and feedback.

“Wonderful working with you!  Your enthusiasm and your professionalism is addictive!” – Brian M.