If your website is your responsibility, please

Make sure you, yes YOU (not your web team) are in control of these 3 things:

  1. Domain name management access and renewal
  2. Web hosting billing account
  3. Social media access

As an active participant in your company, knowing this information and being in control of it is as important as knowing your FEIN, bank account and office security code.  Do not be held hostage by a web team because you let them set this all up and didn’t ask for the usernames and passwords.

Too many times we are contacted by companies who can’t reach their own domain names, access to their web hosting or social media accounts.  Not only does this delay the remodel of the new website, but sometimes it means having to get a new domain name or set up new social media accounts – and lose what you have spent time cultivating.

Please, know your account information.  Update the passwords regularly.  Be aware and in control of your marketing outlets!

  • Only give team members enough access to do what they need to do and nothing more.
  • If someone no longer needs access, remove their access; this is typically done by changing password(s).

As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.