Your Plan B Company and the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is proud to announce their latest collaboration – HVACsave.com

More about the program: The HVAC SAVE program is a regional HVAC contractor training and certification initiative based on National Comfort Institute (NCI) principles. This training teaches the skills necessary to determine actual effective efficiency of any functioning HVAC system and includes hands on demonstrations on how to perform critical HVAC diagnostics. Students who successfully pass the exam will receive the HVAC SAVE certification indicating their competency in HVAC performance and verification testing.

More about the site: We decided to create this site using Drupal so that the team can easily log into the site from any location and make changes as they become needed. For example being able to keep the “Find a Contractor” current is key to the success of this site. HVACsave is a resource site for both Homeowners and Contractors, so we keep the design friendly and easy to use across the web.

We look forward to collaborating with the MEEA team in the future! Well done everyone!

Visit HVACsave.com