HERO – Voices from the Field (ILFacultyResources.org)

Additional functionality to the ILFacultyResources.org Drupal 7 website

The group at Higher Education Resources Online (HERO) needed a new and easy place for their editors and authors to collaborate on a new project – Voices from the Field.  So we created an area within the existing website for them to work together by uploading documents, commenting, deadline countdowns and a forum for discussions.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), working in partnership with the Illinois Education Research Council (IERC), will publish a monograph highlighting the work of the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Early Childhood Educator Preparation Program Innovation (EPPI) grant recipients.  Faculty partners from two- and four-year institutions will write about their approaches to redesigning early childhood educator preparation programs in light of state and regional workforce needs and with a particular emphasis on creating articulated pathways toward credential and degree completion.  This site is designed to provide faculty authors a forum for collaboration and feedback as they develop their chapters for the monograph.

Give us a call to discuss what your group might need for online collaboration.  Let’s see if Drupal might be a good fit!