HERO microsite launch

What do you do when the project is over but the requests and interest remains?  Make it a microsite!  This can save time (and budget) with updates, upgrades and maintenance to have it all in one Drupal install (main site and microsites).  Four years ago we created ILFacultyResources.org (aka HERO) as a standalone website, now we have it as a microsite with The Center: Early Childhood Professional Learning.

The Illinois Early Childhood Higher Education Resources Online (HERO) website was a project of The Center: Early Childhood Professional Learning and was funded by the the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant, the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development (OECD), and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). The website was developed to provide a virtual space where faculty of two and four-year Early Childhood teacher preparation programs could connect with and learn from their peers around the state. Early Childhood Higher Education faculty could discuss the latest research and best practices in forums and submit resources that supported their work in preparing early childhood educators.

While the website forums are no longer active, the more than 500 resources that were collected have been saved for use by all early childhood educators. The resources are organized by content areas:

It is such a pleasure to work with this committee of educators!  Looking forward to our next project together!