Futurist, Alvin Toffler predicted… (In the 1980’s) “that within 10 years we wouldn’t have any offices…”

He basically predicted we would all work from home (or off-site).  Today, we are seeing incremental adjustments in companies to change the way they work and where you can work.

The common set of rules seem to be as long as you…

  • make the call/li>
  • are on time for your meetings/li>
  • work productively/li>
  • share your availability (through instant message, email, texts etc)/li>

…you can work from anywhere!<

The internet, along with cloud computing, allows companies to rethink the way work is done and matches workflows of different skill sets and personalities.  Working away from the office offers a sense of trust and a sense of respect between boss and employee.

An example of a successful distributed workplace who is smart and ahead of the curve.
The Huffington Post showcases a tech company with no main office that allows team members to work from anywhere in the world successfully.  A serious trend with many freelancers, small and some larger businesses.

Your Plan B Company allows teammates to work remotely – #havelaptopwilltravel.  How about you? Do you work from home?  Nearby coffee shop?  Shared workspace? Home office?  How do you stay connected with your team?


PS HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY JameyB 02/02 and ANNA K 02/03