How to convince your boss or team that you are a great candidate to work remotely?

The goal is to understand your manager or boss needs to see that the move to remote work is ultimately going to benefit the business, not just you, the employee.

  1. Make sure you have a good reputation of getting things done already
  2. Offer a test period with a review
  3. Ask at an appropriate time
  4. Be prepared to negotiate

Understand the risks:

  • You could be passed over for promotions
  • Because you’re out of site, you’re also out of mind
  • You may experience “face time bias”

If you work in the Design, Technology, Customer Service, Marketing, Project Management, Sales or Copywriting industry, working remotely is a great option and there are working, successful examples already in practice that you can cite at large corporations.

At YourPlanB we work onsite (our office) and offsite (your office or at our home) regularly.  And we have offered the options to our employees and freelancers.  However, we have learned that getting together regularly helps fuel teamwork and productivity, so we suggest trying to see other each in person at least once a month.

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