More and more reasons are stacking up why employers are getting the success they want out of employees working out of the office, many at home.  If you are going to work more than a couple of hours at home, you need to set up a workstation for yourself that keeps you focused (and healthy).

WIRED has some helpful suggestions in their article. Other places to look (and sometimes try it out in the store) are IKEA, Pier 1, Office Depot or CostCo.  Good old Craigslist, Goodwill and a local charity shop can be great too (especially on a budget).

We suggest making a workspace wishlist based on the following:

  1. Do you want to sit, stand or both?  You have options!
  2. How many monitors do you need? The more the merrier, but they take up space.
  3. Will you need a printer, scanner nearby? Connection is the issue: wireless or cables?
  4. How much privacy do you need for any printed materials? Can your family members see your documents?
  5. Can you leave your workspace out in the open or does it need to hide?  This is where a closet space with doors can be helpful.
  6. How often will you be plugging and unplugging your laptop? Make access to the outlets easy to reach.

Now let’s talk about keeping healthy working from home.  While the kitchen might seem like a great place to work all day, keep in mind the siren song of snacks!  If they are nearby, you are likely to eat them!

Tips for a healthy home office:

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