Friendly reminder to… CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS

I know, I know… they are so hard to remember.

But please, please change your passwords.

Here’s a secure password checklist (thanks to for the great list)

7 strong password creation tips

  • Length: Is my password a sufficient length (at least 8 characters)?
  • Variance: Does my password contain letters, numbers, and symbols (or at least two of these)?
  • Capitalization: If my password contains letters, does it contain both capital and non-capital letters?
  • Balance: Does my password have a balanced amount of each different type of character in it?
  • Random: Does my password NOT follow a recognizable pattern (such as a word or phrase)?
  • Impersonal: Does my password NOT contain references to any personal information?
  • Memorable: Is my password based on some sort of quote or phrase that helps me remember it?

10 safe password habits

  1. Do I have some sort of memory trick that helps me remember my passwords?
  2. If I write my passwords or their related clues down in case I forget them, are they on a physical piece of paper, and NOT on my computer somewhere?
  3. If my passwords or their related clues are written down, are they stored in a safe place where only I know where they are and/or can get at them?
  4. Do I NOT use the same password for multiple website accounts?
  5. If I don’t write my passwords or their related clues down, do I use an online password manager to store them securely in “the cloud”?
  6. If I use a password manager, does it have a very strong master password?
  7. Do I log out of my password manager and/or Internet accounts when I’m done using them?
  8. Do I know how to change my passwords for various accounts, and do I change them every few months?
  9. Do I know how to reset my passwords if I forget them or think that they’ve been cracked?
  10. Is there another computer besides my own personal one that I can use to reset a password if I think that one of my Internet accounts has been broken into?

Another better safe than sorry reminder from your pals at Your Plan B Company 🙂