EPPI Additions to HERO SITE

The HERO site has been gaining members and momentum, so it wasn’t a surprise when the committee needed to expand the site.

In an effort to merge many email threads, Dropbox and Google docs used by a large group, we built a special members only area into the site – the Early Childhood Educator Program Preparation Innovation Grant (EPPI) Area!  Select members can log in and go to the main page with a due date countdown and general announcements.  And then they can go into their specific group for updates on the project and upload/download required documents.  This way it is a one-stop for all the activities (and one password!) – making it easier for the members and the admin to work together.

So far so good, EPPI members are using the site and providing useful feedback for the program and the site.  Great job everyone!

If you need your site updated, refreshed or need additional functionality, we would be happy to help!  Call us 773-665-2552