A few years ago, the team at EC rebuilt their HTML site in Drupal.  And, as we all know, after a couple years design and functionality requirements can change based on analytics and user feedback.  2015 marked an update for the site!

After working with the team to complete a Website Audit – where we evaluated and compared their site structure, errors, readability, usability, ease-of-navigation, engagement, SEO, visitor behavioral and data tracking tools with their peers.  As well as custom user surveys and staff interviews to hear what was working, what wasn’t and create a wishlist.

We worked together to focus the wishlist and prioritize requests to create the new look and add new functionality:

  • RWD (mobile friendly)
  • home page dashboard
  • easier admin for content editors

What made it all the easier, from a programmer’s perspective, was that the site was already in Drupal!  Changing to the new custom theme and adding the new content types was fast (aka in their budget) because the structure was already there with Drupal 7.  Making the EC website a great example of why having a Drupal structure makes remodels and updates much better in terms of production time and budget!

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