Early Childhood Professional Learning (ECPL) #madewithd8

“Wow – you did zoom through the changes! Very excited – it looks and works great!” – Cindy B.

Early Childhood Professional Training knew it was time to upgrade to Drupal 8.  So they took advantage of a major upgrade to do a complete redesign. Everything was up for a change from the overall look to the navigation to the social media integration.

The result of taking everything “off” the site and focusing on their users’ goals, web analytics and the organization’s goals, a slimmer, more streamlined (and easier to admin) website evolved that works great on a desktop and mobile devices.

The real fun is the filtering for the Resources and Workshops.  Basing search filters on past feedback from workshop attendees and analytics, users should be able to quickly find what they need how they like to search on the new site.

Drupal 8 gives us the ability to create websites that not only meet the client’s functionality wishlist, but offers best practices for the users.  Not to mention an easy to use admin area for the ECPL team to keep their content current quickly.

My crew loves working with the ECPL team – great collaborative energy!
Looking forward to the next project together!