DSC Award Weekend @Beloit College

Distinguished Service Citation (DSC) Award

Awarded to alumni on the basis of overall achievements, personal growth in career, and outstanding civic, cultural, and professional / business service in such ways as to reflect credit on Beloit College.

Chosen by the Alumni Association Board of Directors and presented on campus during Reunion Weekend each summer.

JameyB’92 shared the event with fellow DSC recipients Anne Mahle’92, Margaret Nygren’87, John Pasquin’67 and Zainab Alkawaha’07

Susan McClellan’63 (and JameyB’s second grade teacher) presenter her award with memories of grade school and more.

JameyB’s remarks:

“A HUGE thank you – to friends, family, and fellow Beloiters for being here today!

Thank you very much for this moment. (took a selfie with the crowd from the stage!)

It’s an honor to be in the company of so many incredible Beloiters!

Beloit College is everyday for me. Ask my friends. I don’t think I can go 24 hours without sharing something about Beloit! Either a treasured memory, insight from a class, a current event on campus, an inside joke with DavidB’94, or introducing a hopeful new student – I owe Beloit College so much and am happily working off that debt every day.

I am thrilled knowing there is a Beloit College for each of us to remember back to the good old days… to right this very minute…. and further into the future!  As you might have guessed, I will always be cheering GO BELOIT!     Every. Single. Day.

(encouraged crowd to cheer along GO BELOIT! GO BELOIT! GO BELOIT!)”

Enjoy photos from the weekend! (thanks to DavidB’94)