remodel – A Cross Platform CMS for Mobile Apps is a mobile content management system developed by Plum Flower Software that assists you in maintaining and securely distributing documents. After designing DocLauncher as a mobile solution for an innovative hospital, they have expanded the functionality of this application to be utilized in other industries. DocLauncher allows you to easily create mobile-optimized versions of internal documents and then securely distribute them to your users.

DocLauncher is ideal for capturing policies and procedures, technical manuals, and corporate directories. The documents are distributed locally to the users’ devices, providing reliable availability for critical information. All you need is a wifi or cellular signal to receive updates. Once downloaded, documents and functionality are available offline. Information is mobile-optimized and searchable; the mobile app provides the ability to search the document and retrieve a list of sections containing the search phrase. The administration section of the website allows easy management of users and document content.

The developer team at DocLauncher approached us to help redesign their popular website to better attract new users. After using the app ourselves, researching their audience and applying best practices – the new design is in place! It has been a great collaboration between designer and developer. We can’t wait for the next project together! Check out how DocLauncher can help your organization, business or group.