Cool Tool Alert!

With everyone taking selfies, hyperlapse videos, live at Facebook, Apple’s live video, panoramic, 360 videos, and snappy snaps of food these days, I thought I’d seen it all… Then I stumbled upon something NEW at the Apple AppStore – Fyuse

“Fyuse is a spatial photography app that allows anyone with a smartphone to capture 3D images.”

Sold as 3D photos, Fyuse brings a fascinating fusion of photo, video and your mobile device’s built in gyroscope – usually reserved for games or leveling tools.

Holding down Fyuse’s big orange camera button starts the recording. Unlike Dad telling you to stop moving, Fyuse wants the subject to move.  But here’s the cool part, depending on what your artistic vision is, they also allow the photographer to move.

Motion in front of the camera, as well as the camera’s movement, is recorded and triangulated.

Rendering your Fyuse shows the magic behind the scenes PHOTO.  A selection of filters,a well as a library of 3D floating objects is available before sharing to your Fyuse account.

But the playback is where the real magic is.  To animate your Fyuse image/video, you just slowly rotate your device on either X or Y axis. You can also swipe, or use your mouse on a desktop. It is so much fun that you’ll find yourself moving your camera around wishing all photos and videos moved with your device.

Check out our Fyuse – Captured on our trip to the famous Wall Drug, our most popular Fyuse has over 1 million views!

Just last week, Fyusion announced they are working on the ability to use a VR headset for a fully submersive augmented reality experience.