Continued Collaborations

noun: collaboration; plural noun: collaborations
the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

We would like to highlight some successful continued collaborations by our combined teams. One of our favorite things is to continue to work with clients to keep the momentum of their project going and going and going! since 2012
Based on user feedback, it was time to update the site (originally launched in 2012) to be more mobile friendly. So that is just what we did! Giving the site a new responsive design and refreshing the content – we now have v2.0 in use! is a Drupal 7 site, so it is easy for the HVAC team to update content through a browser based admin tool. Importing current contractor information from MEEA managed spreadsheets to let Homeowners quickly “Find a Contractor” online. Users can search by zip code or company name to find an HVAC SAVE Certified Professional close by. Contractors who are interested in training, can quickly locate and register for a session near them. Once they have completed the training, they are added to the “Find a Contractor” search.

Working with the HVAC team at MEEA is always a pleasure! Great work everyone! since 2013
“The National Community Investment Fund invests private capital in, and facilitates knowledge transfer to, depository institutions that increase access to financial services in underserved communities.”

It was a pleasure working with the team to create a new look using Drupal 7 CMS. From brainstorming new functionality to working on infographics to creating the BankImpact searches: Advanced, Auto, Standard and Custom, we completed each task with their mission in mind. The result is an easy to admin, easy to use and easy to view on any device website. since 2014
As the practice is growing, so did the website from its earlier 2013 version. From additional bios, locations, patient resources and photos – WordPress and the Your Plan B team was flexible enough to add more functionality while keeping the site easy to update and within budget.

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