Continued Collaborations


noun: collaboration; plural noun: collaborations
the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

We would like to highlight some successful continued collaborations by our combined teams.  One of our favorite things is to continue to work with clients to keep the momentum of their project going and going and going! since 2013

Located near our office is one of the friendliest teams (and their furry clients) – the North Center Animal Hospital.  This hard working bunch needed an easy to update website so we selected WordPress. After a quick lesson on how to update the site – away they went with regular updates!  We love checking in to see their cute furry client photos and stay up-to-date on their blog!

MEEA unplugged – the MEEA blog since 2010

Working with the MEEA team to increase traffic and improve communication, we created the Unplugged brand and WordPress blog that the client can manage posts, images and comments through the easy to use admin tool. since 2004

What fun to work with this creative crew!  The first version of the site was Flash heavy and included a custom designed robot host.  Next up, for version 2, was an HTML5/WordPress combo site allowing the client to manage content easily through a browser based admin tool.


One of our recent projects is just about to go live!  And another is heading towards the Beta review!  If your project needs a refresh, contact us to see what we can accomplish together!  773-665-2552