Confessions of a web designer

We thought it would be fun to share some of our memorable moments over the past 20 years working with you and the internet.  Remember, memorable can be fantastic and it can also be challenging 🙂

#1  Once a client commented about the use of color for their project… “If you have run out of red, go ahead and use something like pink”… Making us think of web color as gallons of paint!

#2  We asked a client to send us the content electronically so we could avoid keying it all in.  They faxed it to us.  Yes, that was “electronically” but in the 90’s it wasn’t going to allow us to not key it all in….

#3 And yes, just like the IT Crowd, we have had to say “Have you tried turning it on and off again?” while on a conference call.

From each encounter we learn how to be better at what we do.  With each year, we learn how to be more flexible with technology, and sometimes clients.
What are some of your confessions of web designer you would like to share?