Confessions of a Web Designer

We thought it would be fun to share some of our memorable moments over the past 20 years working with you.  Remember, memorable can be fantastic and it can sometimes be challenging.

#13   “Make this image smaller” requests are sometimes met with changing the Zoom settings on the client’s browser to 100% from 150%

#14    Recently we received an email from a client saying the site wasn’t up to date.  She had been putting the files in Dropbox and was expecting them to show up on the WordPress site automatically.

#15   In setting up the admin login for a client, we used a variety of numbers, letters and case.  When he received the u/p, he promptly logged in and changed his password to…. “password” because he didn’t want that “hacker code”.

From each encounter we learn how to be better at what we do.  With each year, we learn how to be more flexible with technology.

What are some of your confessions of web designer you would like to share?