Confessions of a web designer

We thought it would be fun to share some of our memorable moments over the past 20 years working with you.
Remember, memorable can be fantastic and it can sometimes be challenging.

#10  Early on in our careers, we had a client ask why their email servers were always filling up.  Turns out there was no real security set up on their in-house machines and not-so-nice people were trafficking movie files crashing their server!  (NOTE: make sure you have security set up!)

#11   Back in the ‘90s Windows machines were well known to be really slow to start up – many of us would turn on our computers then go get coffee.  When we returned to our desk, the computer would be all set to go.  A co-worker bragged that her Windows machine was super fast booting up, we were all stunned as we watched her turn on and off her monitor thinking she was restarting the computer!

#12 I once received a frantic call from a new client that the site was down – none of the links were working!  Turns out she was looking at the jpg mock up of the site through her browser window.  We hadn’t built the site yet!

From each encounter we learn how to be better at what we do.  With each year, we learn how to be more flexible with technology.

What are some of your confessions of web designer you would like to share?