Confessions of a web designer

We thought it would be fun to share some of our teams’ memorable moments over the past 20 years working with you and the internet.
Remember, memorable can be fantastic and it can be challenging.

#4 “…a recent one where the ‘designer’ at my job couldn’t figure out why her letter-sized printout looked different from what was printing. Turns out it was set to A4 and she didn’t know what that was. (But that’s not exactly clear to people in the US.)…”

#5 Oh here’s one, a client once sent me the URL of an image and asked me for a copy of that image. (not high-res – just that very image) So I right-clicked it, downloaded it, and emailed it to the client. The client thanked me and my work was done.

#6 There was that time that our client had a minor reaction to the barely clad lady icon on his new mySpace account – that turned out to be the logo for the designer he’d hired, and who was simply giving his support to the new client!

From each encounter we learn how to be better at what we do.  With each year, we learn how to be more flexible with technology.
What are some of your confessions of web designer you would like to share?