Conference Giveaways!

With the vast array of branded giveaways available, the challenge is to find items that are not only eye catching, but are also instantly recognizable as a relevant and useful tool for your target audience.

There are a variety of pedometers, but the most useful tool is always one that is easy to read, good quality, has more than one function, ie something your audience will actually use. A good belt clip and a screen viewable without removing the device from the belt to look at it is also very important to ensure multiple use.  The pedometer, chosen in Melinta’s brand colour blue, displays not only distance, but also how many calories. Very important if you’re trying to stay health and watch your weight.

Everyone is worried about fighting germs when outside the home, so a hand sanitizer is a handy item to have. There are a surprising many variations in what you might assume is a simple product. Again, usability, durability, and easy access are key. The Melinta blue silicone holder has a re-adjustable loop for easily attaching to a belt, a bag strap, etc. The flexibility of the silicone helps it not crack or break like a hard plastic clip might. A downward facing cap also allows the user to dispense the gel with one hand, while remaining attached.

The hope with these items is that the user will be reminded of your name every time they use your product. The logo’s placement and clarity are key. They’re are many file formats and colour spaces available, but printing onto promotional items require specific specifications to ensure your logo is easy to read, and reinforces your brand identity.