cje: caregivinghelp.org v1.0

From start to finish, the team at Your Plan B was fantastic to work with. They understood our needs because they listened intently right from the start. Their patience with our ever changing ideas and needs was incredible! Their enthusiastic and caring attitude throughout the project, coupled with their desire for excellence, provides a strong working relationship for the novice as well as the experienced. Jamey, David and Cat made this daunting task a pleasurable reality!

Center for Healthy Living
CJE SeniorLife

“CJE SeniorLife offers you this website caregivinghelp.org as a tool to support the overall caregiving experience. Our goal is to provide caregivers with educational materials and resources that are applicable to many different caregiving situations. In order to help caregivers maximize the quality of care they can offer while also minimizing the risk of “caregiver burnout,” we have shared our expertise in dealing with the older adult population and designed our web pages around the most challenging aspects of caregiving. We anticipate that you and your loved one will benefit from your experience with this website.”

What a wonderful working experience with the team at CJE!!
Our team enjoyed creating this new version of the caregivinghelp.org website AND we have learned so much! If you or someone you know is a caregiver for a friend or family member, send them this site for more support. Everything from how to lift + transfer someone to remembering to take care of yourself too!

Your Plan B Company is proud to announce the launch of our latest project with the CJE.
And we are so happy to know, that because this is a Drupal website, that the CJE team will be able to grow the site content on their own at their own pace. Which, in the end, will help all of us!