chicago history museum: consulting + server migration

Thanks for making CHS, er, the Chicago History Museum, look so good! Can’t wait to work with you all again!
Rosemary Adams

A Seamless Migration is what matters most.

In 2006, The Chicago Historical Society changed their name to Chicago History Museum, and with that their domain address and server locations also changed. CHM came to Your Plan B Company for consultation on a migration plan and to evaluate the current situation as well as determine the optimal equipment necessary for the museum’s move. Extensive file transfers and thorough backups of over 20 web sites were necessary in order to launch the new CHM site successfully.

The Your Plan B team understood the critical nature of CHM’s servers, networks, databases that was required and ensured that there would not be any downtime during the migration process. A detailed plan was written and provided to the client as well as followed to fruition for all of the 20 websites that were relocated without a hitch.

The diverse skill set of the You Plan B Company team focused on delivering complete solutions by providing consulting, design, development and implementation expertise to this longstanding repeat client.