chicago film office – cricket hill cinema

In the event you did not hear the long sigh of disappointment echoing throughout Uptown, the inaugural season of the Cricket Hill Cinema is over. I just wanted to once more thank you and Jamey for all your help and enthusiasm. I know Ald. Shiller was very happy and said she wanted to work with you guys on other projects. 

wscricketHaving some knowledge of our previous assistance to the Uptown Chamber, Helen Schiller’s Office and the Chicago Film Office contacted Your Plan B to help create a small web presence for their outdoor movies program, Cricket Hill Cinema. Your Plan B created not only the website (with the movie listings) but also the logo and all the artwork for posters announcing the upcoming movie lineup for this fun way to enjoy a movie, and uptown, under the stars. Movies shown ranged from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Dreamgirls.