chandler group:

Thanks a lot for this. I really enjoyed working with you guys too.
Erin Clark
Marketing Communications Project Manager, Synergeyes

wssynergeyesRelationships that work.

Continuing their work with return professional affiliate Chandler Group, Your Plan B Company assisted with design, development, consulting and SEO services for new client SynergEyes® hybrid lenses who needed to revise their existing web site to include more dynamic interactivity and add an up-to-date look. The most important requirements for the new site included a password protected database of information for patients to locate doctors, to be able to calculate their lens size, and to connect with a pharmacy that offers the advised products. They also desired to improve their image and branding and demonstrate their expertise and to increase visitor traffic.

Determining what potential contact lens buyers were looking for on a website would be key to generating leads and increasing sales. Extensive research had to be performed in order to equip the new site with the ability to convert interested visitors into purchasers of this new hybrid lens by SynergEyes®. Overall, the website needed to portray the professionalism and quality of this innovative company while providing a wealth of information about the lens and their benefits.

The final outcome was a newly designed and developed website that positions SynergEyes® as the industry leader, offering the most comprehensive and detailed information displayed within a sleek and user-friendly interface. Flash integration and database driven information provide visitors the ability to search over 3,000 locations to find doctors all over the country. The site offers an abundance of information including scientific data about enjoying the “best of both worlds” and not having to choose between hard or soft contact lenses. In fact, in September 2005, SynergEyes® received FDA clearance to market their lenses and then over the subsequent six months, the company received market clearance for three additional lens designs.
This project was completed while working with the chandlergroup team.