Better time management

With the web industry on a constant path of innovation and change, keeping up with “all the things” can get time consuming and routine wrecking.  I have tried everything from timers, to daily reminders to lists to 20 minute work blasts, nothing works well if you are not committed to better time management overall.

The trend is to say “I’m so busy”.  I say buck the trend and enjoy a moment to breath instead!

Tips for better time management (which is also more healthy for you!)

  • Get enough sleep – take a nap if you need to
  • Take care of yourself, go for a walk, ride your bike, hoola hoop, meditate
  • Make a list, prioritize your tasks before you read your emails or check your voicemail
  • Add in those on fire tasks from your emails and voicemails
  • Do these things BEFORE you start working for your team or client
  • Now work through the list, top down
  • Take breaks, remember to eat and get up from your desk often
  • Give yourself a day off
  • Keep track of good days
  • Get organized
  • Track your passwords so you spend less time looking for them
  • Update your phone and email contact list once a month
  • Avoid procrastinating!
  • Respect your private time (and that of your team!)
  • And most of all, ask for support when you need it!

Personally, I have found making a list with 4 columns helps me get the “on fire!”, upcoming, would-be-great-to get-done-today and personal tasks done daily.  I am not the best at starting and stopping my workday at the same hour every day – always something to work on, right?

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