Best website advice ever!

“Write these two sentences where you can see them as you’re working:

  1. The only reason my website exists is to solve my customers’ problems.
  2. What problems does the page I’m looking at solve?”


Is there anything more that needs to be said?  Your website is not for you – it is for your CUSTOMERS (or members).  

And remember, your website is not your entire marketing strategy.  Wait – what?

Please support more than just your website to market your business or organization.  A website is a great tool in your marketing toolbox (include social media, direct mail, print design etc).  It is not the end all solution to your business or organization needs.

And the real attention should be your content.  Not the design, not the accent images, not the back end CMS, but the content – the words.  The design should support the content.  The best way to get customers to come back to your site again and again is by having content they need, and then updating this content on a regular basis.  Start with your content.  Be consistent with your message.  Plan your schedule to communicate with your audience.

Now go look at your website.  

  • Does your content solve your customers’ problems or does it create problems?
  • Does your content match your audience’s expectations?
  • Have you determined the purpose of your site?
  • Do you know your target audience?
  • Ask yourself: “What content do I have that would cause anybody in their right mind to visit my site a second, third, or fourth time?” This is extremely important. You might con (seduce) someone to visit your site once, but why would they want to come back a second, third, or fourth time? If you can’t answer this question, you really shouldn’t have a web site.
  • Is the content technically correct?
  • Does your customer need to know the content you’re presenting?
  • Is the content current and updated frequently?
  • Can people find the content they’re looking for?
  • Does my site have Heroin Content?

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